Orico DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable 2 meter – 4K @ 60Hz

DisplayPort male to DisplayPort male cable black with gold plated connectors. Supports 4K 60Hz resolution. Length: 2 meter.
Brand: Orico
Article number: ORI-XD-DTDP4-10-BK

Qualitative Displayport to Displayport cable – 2 meter

This DP to DP cable from Orico makes it possible to connect two devices with DP to each other. Suitable for both audio and video synchronization without delay. This allows you to enjoy a stable connection while gaming, watching videos or while working with two screens. The Display port cable has a length of 1 meter (multiple lengths available) and supports 4K @ 60Hz.

Supports up to 4K @ 60Hz

The DP to DP cable (version 1.2) supports up to 4K Ultra HD @ 60Hz. The maximum resolution is 3840×2160 @ 60Hz. So there will be good image quality with, for example, videos flowing smoothly and clear. The cable also supports a 3D visual effect.

DP cable version 1.2 with high bandwidth

The transmission speed of the displayport to displayport cable from Orico can reach up to 21.6Gbps through the DP 1.2 version. This makes it more flexible to edit photos and / or videos or to play games. There is a stable audio and video synchronization, so there will be no delay and no buffering is required.

Dual mode

You can use this DP to DP cable to mirror two screens (mirror mode) and synchronize the screen. It is also possible to use the cable for extension (extension mode) so that you can perform different tasks simultaneously on two screens.

High quality materials

The displayport cable is made of PVC, so the cable is light in weight and does not get tangled quickly. The connectors are gold plated, providing a stable connection and optimizing performance.

Wide compatibility

It is possible to use the DP to DP cable of 1 meter with a laptop, desktop or other devices with displayport output. Connect to, for example, an HD player, television or projector.

Product specifications:

✔ Type: DP (male) to DP (male) cable.
✔ Type: DTDP4.
✔ Version: DP version 1.2.
✔ Resolution: 4K 3840×2160 @ 60Hz.
✔ Bandwidth: 21.6Gbps.
✔ Material: PVC.
✔ Gold-plated connectors.
✔ Mirror and extension mode.
✔ Cable length: 2 meter.
✔ Color: black.


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