Orico 3.5mm male to male audio cable – Gold plated connectors – Length: 1 meter – Black

Brand: Orico
Article number: ORI-XMC-10-BK
Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player to your car radio, portable boxes or sound system. Enjoy your favorite music, which is interference-free by using high-quality materials. Length: 1.5 meters.
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Orico AUX cable 3.5mm male to male

Easily connect your smartphone or tablet to a car radio, amplifier, CD player, portable boxes or television using this handy 3.5mm aux cable from Orico. In this way you can, for example, have your music played from your mobile device via the speakers. Then enjoy the beautiful music!

High quality materials

The 3.5mm male to male AUX cable from the Orico brand is made of aluminum and TPE. The TPE material ensures that the cable is elastic. As a result, the cable does not get tangled quickly and there is improved kink protection, which prevents cable breakage. The copper core ensures good transmission and prevents noise. The 24 carat gold-plated connectors provide the pure sound experience. The signal will be free from interference. The AUX cable is 1 meter long, so there is enough room to move.

Product specifications:

✔ 3.5mm male -> male AUX cable.
✔ Material: TPE and aluminum.
✔ Compatible with car radio, amplifier, CD player, portable boxes, television, etc.
✔ Gold plated connectors.
✔ Elasticity prevents cable breakage.
✔ Stable signal through varnished copper wire.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 28 grams.
✔ Length: 1 meter.


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